Butterfly Trio Yoga Mat (72 x 24)


This inspired antibacterial mat is non-slip and has a leather-like texture on its surface to stabilize hands and feet. The material a sophisticated matte finish and has nicely heat-sealed edges. It will surely be a comfort to know this mat will not promote bacterial growth.

Dimensions 72 × 24 in

Our Butterfly Trio Yoga Mat exclusively designed antibacterial PVC yoga/exercise mats are bold in design, Indian- inspired, or monochromatic colors that are soothing. They are multi-functional as they incorporate an antibacterial capability (Antibacterial agent is “Sanitized®” PL14-32) that protects you from capturing unwanted germs and are easy to wipe down and clean with additional disinfectant.

These Butterfly Trio Yoga mats were created to delight the eye and cushion the body during practice. You are able to design your own or monogram ours if you click here. Please note these patterns are also available as 24 x 72 Runner Art Mats using our smooth, non-slip material vinyl material. They are chic and great in hallways, dressing rooms, porches, bedrooms, exercise rooms to protect floors.



Dimensions 72 × 24 in


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