Sniff Test Antibacterial Curly Coil Mat


This fun antibacterial mat is multifunctional curly coil material and so great to use with your favorite pet. Use your mat under bowls, or litterboxes to catch moisture(drool), litter, and kibble while protecting your floors.

Dimensions 17 × 29 in
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Sniff Test Antibacterial Curly Coil Mat: This exclusively designed pet-inspired polypropylene mat is wonderfully antibacterial (Antibacterial agent is “Sanitized®” PL14-32) and multi-purpose for 4-legged children and simple for pet lovers for fun. The mat’s pile is comprised of soft densely packed curly coils with a solid non-slip bottom that successfully traps kibble, drool, and moisture(urine). Additionally, our mats use our patented water dam border that traps additional moisture and disinfectant if you choose to spray healthy amounts on its surface. This material is weatherproof, UV resistant, mildew-proof, allowing its use indoors and out.

These Sniff Test Antibacterial Curly Coil mats are great under feeding bowls, in the mudroom, on the porch, in pet crates, under litter boxes, or just for fun around the house to protect your floors and keep germs at bay. Pets love to sleep on this material as its air pockets make the mat both cool and massaging.   Outside it is perfect on the patio, out at the pool, in your boat or at your front door.   They are soft enough to brush off paws and massage them and durable enough not to shed or tear so they will last more than a season and easily be kept clean with a hose or in the sink.   Finally, they can be used as a   perfect non slip grooming mat for small to mid-size furry children.



Dimensions 17 × 29 in


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